VanEck HODL ticker for Bitcoin ETF

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VanEck HODL ticker injected a dose of humor into the crypto investment sphere with its latest move. In a filing with the SEC, the investment manager revealed its proposed spot bitcoin ETF would be under the ticker “HODL”.

A Nod to Crypto Culture

The choice of “HODL,” a term well-known in crypto circles, reflects VanEck’s acknowledgment of the retail investor’s affinity for crypto culture. It’s a departure from the more traditional choices made by other investment giants. VanEck uses the HODL ticker as a declaration of intentions. Before, Valkyrie used “BTFD” that means “Buy The F* Dip”, another well-known crypto expression.

The VanEck HODL Ticker Move

Analysts quickly took notice of VanEck’s creative ticker move. Nate Geraci, president of The ETF Store, praised the play, anticipating a positive reception from retail investors familiar with crypto slang.

Boomer-Friendly Differentiation

Eric Balchunas, Bloomberg Intelligence senior ETF analyst, highlighted the departure from “Boomer-y” choices. The move not only stands out but also appeals to a demographic less acquainted with crypto nuances.

VanEck Joins the Banter

VanEck itself joined the playful banter, tweeting about how its Bitcoin ETF might attract “baby boomers to the yard” — a cheeky reference to the popular song lyric. The humor comes with a caveat: “*If it’s approved.”

Competitive Landscape for Bitcoin ETF

In the dynamic landscape of Bitcoin ETF approval, competition intensifies. BlackRock, Fidelity, Franklin Templeton, and Valkyrie are among the contenders seeking approval from the SEC.

Multiple Aspirants, Pending Approval

BlackRock, Fidelity, Franklin Templeton, and Valkyrie form a diverse group of aspirants seeking approval for a Bitcoin ETF. Despite their efforts, the SEC is yet to provide the coveted approval.

Regulatory Meetings and Speculations

Amid regulatory meetings and ongoing speculations, firms engage in discussions with the SEC. These dialogues revolve around the intricate technical aspects of proposed funds. While uncertainty clouds the future, each meeting fuels speculations about potential approval.

Strategic SEC Meetings

Recent meetings between the SEC and various firms contribute to the ongoing saga of Bitcoin ETF approval. Deliberations revolve around the intricate technicalities proposed by these firms. Amid these strategic discussions, VanEck’s unconventional move adds a unique touch to the competitive race for Bitcoin ETF approval.

Creative Play in a Competitive Race

VanEck’s playful approach, evidenced by the choice of the “HODL” ticker, injects creativity into the highly competitive Bitcoin ETF race. While the regulatory outcome remains uncertain, VanEck’s distinct strategy adds a touch of humor to the competitive landscape.


In summary, the competition for Bitcoin ETF approval continues to evolve, marked by regulatory discussions and unique strategies. The SEC’s role remains pivotal as contenders navigate the complex path toward gaining approval for their respective funds.