Uranium Finance exploiter used Magic cards to cash-out bounty

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Apparently, the Uranium Finance exploiter used Magic cards to cash-out part of the bounty. The anonymous crypto influencer known as ZachXBT, pointed to a series of intricate moves made by the exploiter. This hacker exploited Uranium Finance and used Tornado Cash to launder their loot, but not only that.

The Uranium Finance exploiter used Magic cards

The Uranium Finance exploiter withdrew 11,200 ETH in 100 ETH increments from Tornado Cash. What followed was an elaborate process involving wrapped ETH, USDC, and the unexpected purchase of “Magic: The Gathering” (MTG) trading cards.

Attempts at Concealment: Exchanges and MTG Cards

To obfuscate the origins of the funds, part of the ETH was deposited into major exchanges like Kraken, Bitpay, and Coinbase. Simultaneously, the Uranium Finance exploiter ventured into the world of rare MTG cards, complicating the tracking process.

Connecting the Dots: Possible Uranium Hacker

ZachXBT suggested a correlation between the Uranium Finance exploit and the subsequent Tornado Cash transactions. The timeline aligns, indicating a potential connection between the Uranium Finance exploiter and the MTG card buyer.

Crypto for Cards: The Broker’s Role

To acquire the MTG cards, the Uranium Finance exploiter enlisted the help of a U.S.-based broker. The broker, acting as an intermediary, communicated with sellers on behalf of the mysterious buyer, who remained anonymous throughout the transactions.

Impact on MTG Card Market

The buyer’s significant expenditure on vintage MTG cards, especially starter decks and alpha sets, raises concerns. MTG card collector notsofast noted that the Uranium Finance exploiter’s purchases could potentially taint the remaining supply of these high-value, vintage cards.

Tornado Cash’s Controversial Role

The use of Tornado Cash in these transactions adds complexity. The platform faced sanctions from the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, and its founders were charged with various financial crimes.

In summary, the Uranium Finance exploiter’s unconventional approach involving MTG cards, coupled with attempts to blend into the broader crypto landscape, creates a perplexing narrative in the realm of decentralized finance exploits.